Replacement Relay - R202 TILT TRIM PUMP

The R202 Tilt Trim Pump Relay appears to be a replacement part for the relay that controls the power trim pump on your boat's outboard motor. Here's what you need to know to find the correct replacement:


A relay is an electrically controlled switch that activates the power trim pump when it receives a signal from the tilt/trim switch on your boat's dashboard.
Replacing a faulty relay can restore the functionality of your tilt/trim system, allowing you to adjust the outboard motor's tilt angle for optimal performance and maneuvering.
Finding the Correct Replacement:

Unfortunately, "R202" might be a generic code or internal reference number used by a specific manufacturer. To ensure you get the correct replacement relay, you'll need some additional information:

Outboard Motor Brand and Model: Knowing your outboard motor's exact brand and model will help narrow down compatible relays.
Parts Catalog: Look for an online parts catalog for your outboard motor brand (e.g., Mercury Marine Parts Catalog, Yamaha Marine Parts Catalog). You can usually find these on the manufacturer's website or through authorized parts suppliers. Search for "tilt trim pump relay" or browse the electrical components section for your specific model.
Owner's Manual: Your owner's manual might have a parts list or diagram that identifies the correct relay for your outboard motor.
Marine Mechanic: Consulting a certified marine mechanic familiar with your outboard motor can provide valuable insights and ensure you get the right replacement relay.

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