Interstate Battery Starting SRM-24

The Interstate Battery Starting SRM-24 is a deep cycle battery, not a starting battery. Deep cycle batteries are designed for sustained use and discharging a significant portion of their capacity, making them ideal for powering electronic accessories and appliances on your boat or RV for extended periods. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Key Features:

Voltage: 12 volts (standard for most marine and RV electrical systems)
Capacity: 81 Amp-hours (Ah) (delivers consistent current for extended periods)
Reserve Capacity (RC): 140 minutes at 25 amps (indicates the battery's ability to sustain a low current draw over time)
Group Size: 24DC (common size for deep cycle batteries in marine and RV applications)
Wet cell construction (requires periodic maintenance)
Durable internal construction for long service life
Convenient carrying handle for easy transport

Marine: Powering fishfinders, trolling motors, bilge pumps, and other accessories on boats
RV: Supplying power to lights, refrigerators, radios, and other appliances in RVs
Other Off-Grid Applications: Can be used in various off-grid setups like solar power systems
Important Note:

While the SRM-24 can technically be used to start an engine in an emergency situation, it's not recommended for primary starting purposes. Deep cycle batteries are not designed for the high burst of power needed to crank an engine. Using it repeatedly for starting can damage the battery and shorten its lifespan.

For starting your boat or RV engine, consider an Interstate Starting battery specifically designed for high cranking amps (CCA).

If you're unsure which type of battery you need for your application, consult your boat or RV's manual or visit Our experts can help you choose the right battery for your needs.


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