An ATO/ATC inline fuse holder is a device used in automotive electrical systems to protect circuits from damage caused by overcurrent conditions. It is typically installed in the middle of a wire, allowing for easy replacement of the fuse if it blows.


ATO/ATC Fuse Compatibility: The holder accepts ATO or ATC blade fuses, which are common types of automotive fuses.
Inline Design: The holder is designed to be spliced into an existing wire, allowing for convenient installation and fuse replacement.
Protective Cover: The holder typically has a protective cover to prevent dirt, moisture, and accidental contact with the fuse.
Water Resistance: Some inline fuse holders are water-resistant or waterproof, making them suitable for use in marine or outdoor applications.

Protecting Electrical Circuits: Inline fuse holders are commonly used to protect various electrical circuits in vehicles, including:
Power windows
Audio systems
Lighting circuits
Accessory circuits
Battery chargers
Fog lights

Overcurrent Protection: Inline fuse holders provide essential protection for electrical circuits by interrupting the current flow if it exceeds the fuse's rating, preventing damage to wiring and components.
Easy Fuse Replacement: The inline design makes it easy to replace a blown fuse without having to access the fuse box.
Versatility: Inline fuse holders can be used in various automotive applications and can be spliced into existing wiring.

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