Anchor Light Round Base 3-PIN L/C Stainless Steel

The description "Anchor Light Round Base 3-PIN L/C Stainless Steel" refers to a specific light fixture and mounting base designed for boats. Here's a breakdown of its components and functionality:


Anchor Light: This is a light mounted on the boat's bow (front) that serves two purposes:

Visibility: It improves the boat's visibility to other vessels at night or in low-light conditions, especially when anchored.
Anchoring Regulations: In many regions, regulations require displaying an anchor light when a boat is anchored.
Round Base: This is the mounting plate made of stainless steel that attaches the anchor light to the boat's deck or superstructure. The round shape provides a stable and secure foundation for the light.

3-PIN L/C: This indicates the electrical connection system for the anchor light:

3-PIN: The light likely has three electrical wires for connection. These wires might be for power, ground, and potentially another function like controlling the light's color or intensity.
L/C: This abbreviation is likely not standardized and could have different meanings depending on the manufacturer. It might refer to "Light Connection" or a specific brand's proprietary connection system.

Stainless Steel: The entire unit, including the round base and potentially the light housing itself, is constructed from stainless steel. This is a crucial feature for marine environments as it resists corrosion from salt water and harsh weather conditions.

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