30° Round Base 1" Stainless Steel


The description "30° Round Base 1" Stainless Steel" refers to a marine hardware component used for attaching poles or tubes to a flat surface at a 30-degree angle. Here's a breakdown of its key features:


Round Base: The base is a circular plate made of stainless steel.
30° Angle: The base has an angled section that slopes upwards at 30 degrees from the horizontal plane. This allows for attaching poles or tubes at a slightly angled position.

1" Stainless Steel: The entire component is made of stainless steel, a metal alloy resistant to corrosion and ideal for harsh marine environments. The "1" refers to the thickness of the base plate, likely in inches (1 inch thick).

This 30° Round Base is most commonly used in marine applications for installing:

Handrails: Provides a slight upward angle for easier gripping, especially when entering or exiting the boat.
Stanchions (upright supports for railings): Creates a more comfortable angle for leaning against the railing.
Solar panels: Tilts the panels at a 30-degree angle for optimal sun exposure in your specific location (latitude).
Other poles or tubing: Can be used for mounting antennas, flagpoles, or other accessories on a boat deck or dock.

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