30* Round Base 7/8 Stainless Steel


The description "30° Round Base 7/8 Stainless Steel" refers to a marine hardware component used for attaching poles or tubes to a flat surface at a 30-degree angle. Here's a breakdown of its key features:


Round Base: The base is a circular plate made of stainless steel.
30° Angle: The base has an angled section that slopes upwards at 30 degrees from the horizontal plane. This allows for attaching poles or tubes at a slightly angled position.

7/8 Stainless Steel: The entire component is made of stainless steel, a metal alloy resistant to corrosion and ideal for harsh marine environments. The "7/8" refers to the thickness of the base plate, likely in inches (7/8 of an inch).

This 30° Round Base is most commonly used in marine applications for installing handrails, stanchions (upright supports for railings), solar panels, or other poles or tubing on decks, boats, or docks. The 30-degree angle provides a slight upward angle compared to a flat mount, which can be useful for specific applications or aesthetics.

Common Names:

This component might have various names depending on the supplier or retailer, but some common terms include:

**30 Degree Round Rail Base
**Stainless Steel Angled Railing Base (30 degrees)
**Boat Hand Rail Fitting (with 30-degree angle)
**Stanchion Base (30 degrees)

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