18-6750 Trim Pump Stainless Steel Trim Bracket SIERRA


The Sierra 18-6750 Trim Pump with Stainless Steel Trim Bracket is a replacement part for the power trim pump assembly on certain outboard motors, specifically designed for use with Mercruiser models without "quick connect" trim systems, typically 1983 and later. Here's a breakdown of its key features and what you should consider before purchasing:


Function: Replaces your existing power trim pump and bracket, restoring the ability to adjust your outboard motor's tilt angle.
Compatibility: Works with specific Mercruiser sterndrive models (verify compatibility before buying). Look for applications around 1983 and later without "quick connect" trim systems.
Low-Pressure/High-Volume Design: Efficiently tilts your outboard motor for better performance and maneuvering.
Stainless Steel Bracket: Provides a durable mounting solution resistant to corrosion (important in the marine environment).
Complete Assembly (usually): Includes the pump, solenoid, and fuse for a more convenient installation (verify contents in the specific listing you're considering).
Important Considerations Before Buying:

Outboard Motor Compatibility: Double-check if the Sierra 18-6750 is compatible with your specific Mercruiser outboard motor model and year. Refer to online parts catalogs, your owner's manual, or contact the manufacturer for confirmation.
Quick Connect vs. Standard System: Ensure your Mercruiser doesn't have a "quick connect" trim system. This bracket assembly is designed for standard systems.
DIY Installation vs. Professional Help: Replacing the power trim pump assembly might require some mechanical expertise and tools. Consult your repair manual or consider seeking assistance from a qualified marine mechanic, especially if you're unfamiliar with the process.
Complete vs. Incomplete Assembly: Double-check the contents of the specific listing you're considering. While some listings might offer the complete assembly with pump, solenoid, and fuse, others might only sell the bracket itself.

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