ARCO NEW OEM Premium Replacement Inboard Starter - 30460

The ARCO 30460 is a high-torque, premium replacement inboard starter designed for a variety of marine engines, offering reliable performance and extended service life. Here's a breakdown of its key features and benefits:

Strong Starting Power:

1.7 kW: Delivers ample power to crank even large marine engines effortlessly.
Permanent magnet design: Provides efficient and dependable starting.
Gear reduction: Increases torque for smooth cranking, especially in demanding situations.
Clockwise rotation: Double-check compatibility with your specific engine's rotation direction.
Wide Range of Applications:

Fits various marine engines: Compatible with Mercruiser, Volvo Penta, OMC, Yamaha, and others (refer to compatibility information for details).
12 ¾" flywheel: Ensure your engine has a compatible flywheel size.
Straight bolt pattern: Verify your engine's starter mounting pattern for a perfect fit.
Durable Construction:

High-quality materials: Built to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater and harsh marine environments.
Nickel-plated brush holder: Ensures optimal electrical conductivity and resists corrosion.
Anodized casting: Provides a tough, protective outer layer.
Additional Features:

Includes mounting bolts and gasket: Simplifies the installation process (gasket replacement recommended during installation).
Before You Buy:

Ensure Compatibility: It's crucial to verify exact compatibility with your specific engine. Check your boat's manual for the OEM starter part number or use Sierra Marine's parts finder tool ( You can also contact ARCO or a marine parts specialist for confirmation.
Benefits of ARCO 30460 Starter:

Reliable starting: Delivers consistent cranking power for dependable engine starts.
Durable construction: Built to last in the harsh marine environment.
Cost-effective: Offers a reliable alternative to OEM starters at a competitive price (check retailers).
Easy installation (with included hardware): Saves time and effort during replacement (professional installation recommended if unfamiliar with boat electrical systems).
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