3/8 Hose Mender 122HBL-6


The 3/8 Hose Mender 122HBL-6, also manufactured by Parker Hannifin, is similar to the 1/4" hose mender you previously inquired about, but designed for hoses with a larger diameter. It's a barb fitting used for repairing leaks or cracks in hoses with a diameter of 3/8 inch. It's made of brass and requires a clamp to ensure a secure connection.

Here are the key technical characteristics of the 122HBL-6 hose mender:

Material: Brass
Connection 1 Hose I.D. (inch): 3/8"
Connection 2 Hose I.D. (inch): 3/8"
Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 psi (10 bar)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 160°F (71°C)
Suitable for: Water, Coolants, Air (Compressed Air)
Similar to the 1/4" version, remember to choose a clamp size that matches the hose diameter you're repairing. Tighten the clamp securely to create a leak-proof seal.

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